This time of year it's fun to play around with the NFL season simulators and project the playoff combatants.

There's a few games to decide playoff seeds but rather anticlimactically this week 17 only has one make or break game in it. The Lions and the Packers currently tied at 9-6 for the NFC North play each other on Sunday night, winner wins the division, loser is possibly out. Emphasis on possibly.

For the Lions, in the midst of a brutal two game losing streak, it would be the best feeling in the world to turn the tide and win the division for the first time in 23 years by getting a win on Sunday. It would also get retribution for the miracle touchdown the Packers pulled off in Ford Field last time these two met in Detroit.

Right now there are only two other teams outside of the Lions and Packers who could slip into the second wild card spot making Sunday night's contest a true elimination game. They are the Washington Redskins and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Washington currently controls their own destiny, win and they will be virtually guaranteed the second wild card spot at 9-6-1 (if the Packers and Lions tie also finishing 9-6-1, both own the tiebreaker over WSH with GB winning the division on head to head, and DET over WSH on head-to-head).

Should Washington lose however, the loser of the Packers-Lions game would be the second wild card. So what about Tampa Bay?

If Washington were to tie the Giants Sunday afternoon and the Bucs not only win over Carolina but also get wins from Indianapolis, Dallas, Tennessee and San Francisco in other games, then the Bucs would still need a Detroit win to clinch wild card two. If Detroit loses and all those other things happen, the Lions still hold the second wild card.

Long story short only Washington can steal away the playoff hopes of the Detroit Lions.

For the optimistic fans if Detroit wins and San Francisco and New Orleans win (over Seattle and Atlanta respectively) the Lions not only win the division but secure a first round bye in the NFC playoffs as the two seed.

Even though there's only one true make or break game for playoffs, it's still got plenty of drama to keep you going all Sunday long.

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