Well, it has now been a few days since MSU was blown out in their Final Four Bowl game. This was an awful display of football in the second half by State. But head coach Mark Dantonio has taken this football program leaps and bounds in his tenure.

MSU ends their season 12-2, which is a great season. Dantonio has done a very fine job. In my mind he is one of the most underrated head coaches in all college football. When he first came to MSU as an assistant coach Nick Saban hired him. Now, years later they faced each other once again. Both men have had outstanding paths to their paths to their respective universities. The only difference is that Nick Saban has won multiple college football championships at LSU and Bama. MSU's Mark Dantonio is still seeking his first college football championship.

The head coach of Alabama Nick Saban is the former head coach of MSU this was personal and business.If there is one thing that we have learned it's that Nick Saban is one of the top head coaches in the history of college football. If you don't believe this, you just don't like Saban. He's one of the all-time greats.