Former Michigan State and NFL All-Pro running back Le'Veon Bell (pictured) was released by the New York Jets on Tuesday evening after the team reportedly failed to trade him.

Bell had reportedly fallen out of favor in the Big Apple and Jets head coach Adam Gase.  This release comes two years after he signed a four-year deal with the Jets worth more than $50 million.

You may remember that the former Spartan held out for the entire 2018 season when he was with the Pittsburgh Steelers.  He was the team's designated franchise player that season, and was not happy that the Steelers did not give him a long-term deal that he was looking for.  Bell forfeited $14.5 million of guaranteed money to make his point.

So, like the title says, where does Bell go from here?  He is now a free agent, and he's only 28 years old.  But many fans/observers now view him as a malcontent

Bell is from Ohio, would either the Browns or Bengals be an option?  Could he be the latest reclamation project for the New England Patriots (remember the success Corey Dillon had with NE)?

At this point, he would likely sign for low money (He has $6 million guaranteed from the Jets this season).  So it would be low risk for any team that signs him.

If he signs this season, I expect him to mind his P & Q's and be a good teammate.  He's going to want to make himself marketable for one more big payday before his career is up.

We'll see, this is sports.  Just about anything can happen.

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