Well, ESPN's Lee Corso is a dandy.

This network has exhausted their time with this guy. His act is old. He cannot pick games to save his own skin.

This year he has picked against MSU three times, and has been wrong three straight times. Corso's act is old and stale. Sorry, it just is. Don't get me wrong I like the guy, but these things are not funny any longer.

Lee Corso has been with ESPN a long time. Guys like Dick Vitale, Lee Corso, Lou Holtz are long in the tooth. I see this on the local scene and with all due respect I like these men--they're iconic. But old and stale is old and stale. The ESPN game day experience is old and stale. Most of the guys have their favorites. Howard and Herbstreit would quit if they picked against their respective schools.

These guys are the face of college football and sometimes I have to scratch my head. When some hosts or MCs try to be funny and entertaining, but they just aren't.

My point is ESPN got rid of Jon Miller and Joe Morgan on Sunday night baseball. They were great. So why do some guys get a pass?