After providing the city of Cleveland with it's first championship since 1964, Lebron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers agree to a three-year deal worth $100 million. Brian Windhorst tweeted the signing on Thursday.

LeBron will earn nearly $31 million next season, which will make him the highest-paid player in the league for the first time in his career. James has a player option for the final year of the contract. His salary in 2017-2018 will be over $33 million dollars which will be the highest season salary in NBA history.

Lebron announced his decision to re-sign with the Cavs to the fans via Uninterrupted and also suggested Dan Gilbert re-sign J.R. Smith.

"Let's get J.R. done - it's that time," he said.

Lebron James joins Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan as the only players in NBA history to make $30 million or more in a single season.