One of the most polarizing people in the history of sports is basketball coach Larry Brown.

Brown now has been suspended 9 upcoming games with his team and current school SMU. Larry Brown has been coaching for so many years; he began as a player with North Carolina. Then he coached in the old ABA. He is the only coach in the history of the game that has won an NCAA Championship and an NBA Championship.

But this coach is a cat that always is looking to move on. The problem seems to me this guy is never content. But now he finds himself in hot water with the NCAA. He was suspended, more or less for academic fraud with a player at SMU. This isn't the first time.

No one will disagree that Larry Brown can flat coach the game, but wherever he goes he leaves carnage. Meaning he is just a kind of all-about-me coach. Not really caring about the teams or players, but caring about himself only and his future. Larry Brown is an excellent coach but has no scruples.