Have you noticed lately all you hear in Lansing is sirens? It doesn’t matter if it's police cars or fire trucks it’s non-stop. It’s almost to the point where it’s unbelievable! What is going on in Lansing?

A lot of gunfire for no good reasons. It’s bad enough with all the trash and filth are strewn all over the place. I have stopped waiting for this problem to be solved. Or, at least attempted too.

I know everyone is sick of dodging potholes, I sure know I am. But, the violence in this city has really escalated lately. I’m not going to blame any one person or group. But, this is getting to be of epidemic proportion.

I tried to have a trash cleanup last summer but I had to jump through hoops with a man in the city government. So, that never happened. It’s really getting old talking about the trash problem because nothing will be done. Ever.

But, the sirens and violence are really getting scary too. This city is growing with a lot of positive things and being torn down with things that I have pointed out. Is it because of our times? I can’t pinpoint it.

But, trash all over can be combatted. The potholes, who in the heck knows? But, violence is really a question mark? I’m not sure what our Mayor and Chief of Police have planned but this terrible scene is getting out of control. I don’t think I’m wrong either. What is going on in the great city of Lansing, Michigan?

Lansing, We Have A Trash Problem!

A stroll around the neighborhood shows what is really littered all around the area.

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