It appears that we're finally going to feel some of that warm weather we were promised in the middle of February. It took its sweet time to get here too, only taking an extra week and a half. Sheesh.

Warm Weather Predictions Fell Short

As of writing this, we still have 17 days until Spring. But, the National Weather Service said we'd see warmer temps as early as February 18th or 19th, and even warmer temperatures the week after that. We did see five warm days between February 16th and 22nd, ranging from 45 to 50 degrees for the highs. But it's that second week that fell short.

The next week, which was optimistically projected to be even warmer, didn't see a high temp above 38 degrees. Thankfully, this weekend will make up for a little bit of that.

Lansing Spring-Like Weekend Forecast

Taking a look at Lansing's forecast for this weekend, the Weather Channel says Saturday will be cloudy to start off the day and clearing later on, with a high temperature of 63. The overnight will be cloudy with a high chance of rain and a low temp of 55. Sunday looks to be mostly cloudy with a high of 58 sometime in the morning and temperatures falling down to the mid-40s by the evening.

WLNS has a bit of a different outlook for the weekend. They predict that Saturday will have a small chance of rain in the afternoon (about a 20% chance), with a high temperature of 58. WLNS also predicts a high chance of rain through Saturday overnight, but they have the low temperature dropping down to the low-30s. As for Sunday, they predict cloudy skies in the morning with a 50/50 chance of an early AM shower, followed by windy conditions throughout the day and a high temp of 60.

Snow and rain on Monday

Don't let this "false Spring", however brief, fool you; Lansing will be back to its usual wintery business on Monday.

The Weather Channel is anticipating snow throughout Monday morning and afternoon, leaving us with approximately 1 to 3 inches of accumulation. The high and low for the day sit at 33 and 23.

WLNS is predicting something slightly warmer...a wintery mix of precipitation, with the chances of seeing light snow and possibly rain. The temp range prediction is 36 for the high and 32 for the low.

So, like any true Michigander, I plan on living it up during the brief warmth we'll have this weekend, and then go back to complaining about the snow on Monday. That is, if we even see the warm weather this weekend, because who really knows? This is Michigan, after all.

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