Lansing has really grown into the city of outstanding  athletes. In media Lansing is market No. 127, with New York being No. 1. There is a number of great male and female athletes that have been from Lansing. I will name these people soon. My point is for such a small area in this country, it's crazy with so many great athletes. You have outstanding athletes--pros, Hall of Fame athletes and medalists in the Olympics

If you take a tally you would find Lansing has many big time athletes, like many larger cities in the USA. Lansing needs to have a celebration and bring all these great athletes together. They should have large party at the Lansing Center sometime in the next couple years. Most of these athletes are in the Greater Lansing Hall of Fame. It could be a great fundraiser for a charity.

So let me try and name some of these great star athletes. We have to lead off with "Magic" Johnson, John Smoltz, Jordyn Wieber, Judy Brown Clark, Jay and Sam Vincent, Kelly, Kevin, Kip, Ryan and Drew Miller,Ben Poquette, Al Horford, Dean and Bruce Look, Kristen Rasmussen, Kristen Haynie, Denzel Valentine and so many others.

If I missed someone add them to the list. It is pretty incredible how many star athletes there are from this community.