I love baseball, not only playing, but watching it as well. Yes it's one of America's favorite pastimes. I think every kid dreams of making it to the big leagues growing up. I did every time I was at Wrigley Field as a kid. Very few get that honor, but it does not stop most of us from playing.

The baseball season is underway, and Lansing will soon be adding a new team with a bit of a vintage feel. This is so exciting, and I for one would love to play in this league.

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Fox47news.com says they're called the Lansing Senators, and Michael Jarema, is starting the team. I also saw their news coverage on this over the weekend and thought this was amazing.

The name "Lansing Senators" is from the Lansing Senators minor league team from 1889. The playing rules are going to date back even farther than that. Michael says;

I’m a fan of the Detroit Lions so I watch football,  My only experience with baseball before this is playing T-ball when I was very young. I’m coming from a baseline of almost nothing. There was “something intangible" that drew him to vintage baseball.

The ball will be slightly bigger, and less dense, which helps with catching it bare handed. The bats will be made from scratch, and the uniforms will be hand stitched by Michael himself. These are great looking vintage uniforms. The season starts at Frances Park on May1st.

Here is the best part, you can even join the team. Visit the Lansing Senators Vintage Base Ball Club facebook page. I am so Interested. How fun!

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