It's official.

One of Lansing's most beloved and quirkiest local restaurants is up for sale.

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Mr. Taco, the eatery that first opened in the Capital City in 1967 and was recently resurrected after about a decade of closure, has been listed for $950,000. You can see the listing here.

The unique restaurant located on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard was brought back in 2018 by the son of one of its founders. Since then, Mr. Taco has bucked restaurant convention.

Its hours — and days — of operation have been inconsistent, to the say the least. The business' schedule is so unpredictable that a Facebook group dedicated to Mr. Taco has sprung up, attracting some 13,000 members. The restaurant's owner uses the Facebook group to announce upcoming days and hours of availability (and to snuff out dissent in the comments in a manner that would make Russian state-operated media blush).

Whether it's despite that or because of that, Mr. Taco has a considerable cult following. When it's actually open, the restaurant's drivethru is often full, and it's not uncommon to see a backlog of customers extending the drivethru line onto Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard.

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Lansing is a community known for its uniqueness, and, if we're being honest, its weirdness. That's what makes Mr. Taco so on-brand for this town. A restaurant that doesn't have set days/hours of operation, instead relying on a private social media group (!!!) to let patrons know when it's open? That's a business model that could only work in Michigan's Capital City, baby! #LoveLansing

It'd be a shame to lose this genuine piece of Lansing-ness. Maybe someone local reading this piece will be motivated to do the right thing and keep Mr. Taco in Lansing.

And keep it weird.

That $950,000 price tag sounds like a lot, so we figured it'd be helpful if we put it into more digestible terms.

Mr. Taco Menu ItemHow Many Of That Menu Item You Could Buy For Mr. Taco's List Price
Soft Taco366,795
Red All Meat Burrito190,380
Green All Meat Burrito190,380
Red Meat Wet Burrito86,442
Green Meat Wet Burrito86,442
Mr. Taco Burger317,725
Mr. Taco Chili Burger272,206
Beef Enchilada164,075
Chicken Enchilada164,075
Green Enchilada164,075
Apple/Cherry Burro477,386
Regular Fountain Soda530,726
Large Fountain Soda477,386
Bottled Water637,583

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