The early 1900s here in Michigan just seemed like a time to be in.

You had tons of locally owned and manufactured businesses and products to choose from, which is something that isn't as easily seen or done in today's society.

The Lansing Dairy Company In Mid-Michigan

The company had originally gotten its start back in the 'roaring' 20s here in Michigan while working with Lansing area farmers.

Their main focus, of course, was milk.

When they had originally gotten their start as well, they were applauded with their most up-to-date technology for its time on sanitation and production, according to the Michigan State Archeology Program. 

Take a look at a time long past in the Lansing area, from the Lansing Dairy Company, below.


Have You Heard Of This Old Lansing Milk Company?

The name of the company is the Lansing Dairy Company. When Michigan was a booming area for locally made products, you probably would've seen a pitcher of milk come to your front door from the Lansing Dairy Co.

What additionally was a cool find, was the Holt Dairy company in the photos from above as well. Showing off that there were many different places you could rely on in the Mid-Michigan area, instead of just one select location like the Lansing Dair Company.

It may be a bit before your time, but do you have any momentos, or memories of the Lansing Dairy Company?

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