I have been a lifetime resident of Lansing, Michigan with the exception from 1977-82 when I attended CMU in Mt. Pleasant. Lansing, has gone through a lot in 50 years. There was the auto industry and many other prosperous businesses that all just took a nose dive and vanished. But, Lansing is coming back.

With the hard work of the past mayors and current mayor Andy Schor and developers like Pat Gillespie, The Eyde’s and many other visionary people. Lansing has also attracted young professional people too.

Former Mayor Virgil Bernero wanted Old Town, Reo Town and Downtown Lansing to all connect. They're getting close. With new excellent restaurants, shopping and other stores it’s growing. Of course the pandemic hasn’t helped at all. Shutting down the state has brought Lansing to its knees temporarily.

I will always remember growing up with great places to go that are no longer operating. Like Knapp’s, Smalls, The Michigan, Gladmer and Spartan theaters were great. Restaurants like Emil’s, DeMarco’s, Tarpoff’s, The City Grill, and Clara’s. Also Bunday Furniture, Dionise Market, Vandervoot’s, Wine Village and many more. But, Kositchek’s Menswear has been in the same location since 1865.

Lansing used to be called Biddle City, but that was decades ago. The Stadium, Lansing Center and The Peanut Shop are just a few of my favorites. We will all get through Covid-19. Lansing is on a definite upswing, and you should be proud to be a resident. Lansing is my kind of town, and it’s only going to get better.

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