If you didn’t know, Lansing is home to a football team named the Tri-County Crusaders (formerly the Lansing Crusaders). They are in a semi-pro charity league with seven other teams around the state of Michigan. Some of the other cities that have teams are Detroit, Grand Rapids and Traverse City. The Tri-County Crusaders are a mix of young and old players primarily from the Lansing area, and they just won the state championship.

The Crusaders' coach is Mike Wallace who coaches at East Lansing and is a Waverly graduate. One thing to note about this league is that their season wasn’t postponed or cancelled because of the coronavirus.

I have built a friendship with Mike Wallace, and he has been on the Mad Dog Show multiple times. There were a couple of things that stood out in their run for that beautiful trophy. They beat the Northern Wolves in Charlotte, Michigan a few weeks back to win the state championship. It was a great game and one outstanding ride for all the players and coaches. This is exactly what this city needed even though these guys didn’t get a lot of deserved publicity for their achievement.

The other thing that was incredible about their season is that out of the 260 guys that make up the league, not one player or coach came down with the coronavirus. Absolutely amazing. That itself is an accomplishment and a feat.

Congratulations to the Tri-County Crusaders! We have a true champion in Lansing, and Mike Wallace, his staff and the players need to be commended.

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