You weren't expecting this were you? Finding a home that sits right along a river here in Lansing.

Frankly, neither did I. There is a home here in the Lansing area though, that sits right on the Grand River, right here in Lansing.

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Ton's of open windows, open space, and more. This home offers a view you won't find almost anywhere in Mid-Michigan. It will make you feel like you're actually up north in a lake house.

Take A Look Into One Of The Most Expensive Homes In Lansing On This Lansing River

This might just be one of the most expensive homes here in the city of Lansing, that sits right along the Grand River. Listed at 989,900 at the time this was made, with four bedrooms and six bedrooms. Take a look around this luxury home, that is Lansing.

Could you just imagine owning a home that sits on the river here in the greater Lansing area? Those types of views and shots are things you don't normally see down in Mid-Michigan. Some of the views in that shot belong up north with a lake house.

The home has tons of open windows, and space for you to spread out, and you even have more than one kitchen.

Would you live inside this home in Lansing, or is too close to people for comfort?

Most people buy homes just like this where there is a lack of people, and for good reason. Sometimes being able to distance yourself from the drama of life is just what the doctor ordered.

Open the station app and let us know, is this a home you'd own?

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This is the most expensive home, currently in the market in the Okemos area. This is a 5 bedroom 7 bathroom home, currently listed on the market for $1,598,000.

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Take A Look Inside This Northern Michigan Mansion On The Lake

This Michigan mansion can be found all the way up north in Sault Sainte Marie, and right on the lake too. The home has five bedrooms and five bathrooms and currently sits on the market at $1,300,000. Which, compared to other prices of Michigan mansions, isn't too bad.

Take A Look Inside This Michigan Mansion That Seems To Be Out Of A Harry Potter Movie

Maybe you'll see something else out of the house. However, the type of vibe I got from it was straight out of the castle of Hogwarts. I need to stay off Zillow and stop looking at these lakefront homes, but can you blame me? Take a look inside and see if you agree or disagree.

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