Every bowling season in the Greater Lansing area has what is called the Lansing City Bowling Tournament.

It's a handicap bowling tournament which basically covers all averages for all sanctioned bowlers.

I've been bowling in the city tournaments for the last 30 years or so. I remember bowling in the city tournament at the old Pro Bowl West on Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.

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This year the Lansing City tournament will take place at Royal Scot Golf and Bowl at 4722 W. Grand River Avenue.

The Lansing city tournament consists of team event, singles, and doubles. The first event taking place this week is the team event, where all teams bowl against each other for cash prizes.

Basically if your team bowls well above their averages and you factor in handicaps with your team's high scores, you could win money.

This Saturday, March 12 at Royal Scot Golf and Bowl, it's the singles and doubles city tournament.

My wife and I are both partners in the doubles tournament and then after the doubles bracket, we move on to the singles bracket tournament.

We just look at this as something fun to do and we don't really take the tournament too seriously. If we can bowl a few good games with a few bad ones mixed in, then that's good enough for us.

Bowling in general is such a crazy sport in the first place because you never know what kind of a game you'll end up with.

You can be in the 200's and then before you know it, you could be 50 pins below your average. I think that's why so many bowlers like to drink beer while their bowling.

Drinking beer relaxes a lot of bowlers and for some reason, they bowl better. I've seen it happen countless times at several bowling establishments throughout the Greater Lansing area.

Bowling is not for everyone, but once you're hooked on the game, it's hard to give it up! Check out comedian Jim Gaffigan below.

Here's a few tips on how to bowl well, courtesy of popularmechanic.com.

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