I graduated from Lansing Catholic Central in 1977. Up until now that high school never has had a football stadium. Well, that is about to change--in a huge way.

Right now, Lansing Catholic High School's new football facility is beginning to take shape. It's going to have one of the best facilities in the state of Michigan.

The Lansing Catholic Cougar nation has to be fired up. This stadium and field will be unbelievable. The surface will be field turf. Many lights, ample amount of bleachers, press box, concessions, and a well-landscaped area. This venue is going to be very impressive.

This school began as Gabriel's in the 1960s and turned into Lansing Catholic Central in the early 1970s. I never thought a facility would be erected like this. All Gabriel's, O'Rafferty, and Lansing Catholic Central and High school graduates should be proud when the construction is completed.

There have been some other wonderful changes at Lansing Catholic High school too. A new 300-seat chapel, weight room, auditorium, dressing area and more room for plays. Some people have to be applauded for their contribution and donations. I hope to help spearhead a group to make donations for a new baseball and softball facility. The new football stadium is on schedule and will be ready for the first game August 21st. This is a major coup for our great city.