The administration at Lansing Catholic Administration made it clear to students and parents today that it will not tolerate kneeling during the National Anthem.

"Lansing Catholic issued a message to parents Thursday afternoon," Brian Calloway of the Lansing State Journal reported this afternoon. The announcement comes after rumors emerged of a potential protest before Friday night's game.

Lansing Catholic's President, Tom Maloney's letter did not outline what specific punishments awaited any players who choose to take a knee during the anthem.

Anthem protests at the high school level have been a hot issue in recent weeks with players losing their roster spots across the country due to their protests. Locally, the Jackson High School football team knelt last week.

Lansing Catholic brought up potential concerns for safety as one reason for their decision.

"We know you place your students in our care, and at times we must acknowledge that this sort of display could create an unsafe situation for any student involved," the letter said.

Though pre-game protests have been peaceful, Lansing Catholic's administration decided school events were not the proper place for protests to take place.

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