Around the holidays, I really count my blessings. I have a great wife and a really wonderful family on both sides.

Often as I get older I reflect on my upbringing. I had a great childhood with wonderful loving parents and a family business that was prosperous, profitable and just outstanding. I’m not going to lie to you, we had very trying times as I got older. But, in the long run, it was perfect all the way around.

Let’s look at some of the businesses that were in Lansing and Mid-Michigan as I grew up. First and foremost, I miss my family business DeMarco’s on South Pennsylvania Street. It was a thriving grocery/185 seat restaurant bar. Four families lived out of this business for more than 85 years. My grandparents founded it. The place was a gem that will never be duplicated.

Now, let’s talk about businesses, places and happenings that have gone away but that are missed.

Let’s start with the Boom Boom Room in Frandor. The place was like going to Gilligan’s Island.

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Then, there were so many great watering holes and restaurants like Tripper’s, The Pretzel Bell, Mountain Jack’s, Emil’s, Coscarelli’s, Shakey’s Pizza,The Back Stage, Knapp’s department Store and their cafeteria, Dionise’s Party Store, The Civic Center, Small’s and Stabler’s Menswear, The Clock, Bunday’s  and Estes Furniture, Wilcox Second Hand Store, The City Club Restaurant, Wine Village, Tug’s Party Store, Fox Brothers, Simon Real Estate, Kinder Travel, The Gladmer, State, Spartan Theatre’s and the Crest Drive-In.

How about skating at Sycamore Park when they would flood and freeze it?

How about the Old City Market where farmers would bring their goods to be purchased?

What about on television The Alley Cat And Pansey Show with Howard Lancour and the Len Stutman Show? They could have programs like this again but people just don’t know how think outside the box.

I really do still miss some of these oldies but goodies. I want you to add businesses and places I’ve missed. Maybe someday some will come back again?

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