The Rock, a campus icon at Michigan State University, stood as a memorial to Lacey Holsworth for nearly two weeks.

But by early Monday morning, it had been repainted.

The Rock is known for its daily (and sometimes more than daily) paintings, often by different campus groups and organizations.

The Rock following a candelight vigil for Lacey Holsworth. (Courtesy photo)

When Holsworth, the 8-year-old St. Johns girl who came to inspire MSU basketball and the country during her fight against cancer, died on April 8, MSU students painted the Rock to honor her.

And it stayed that way for 11 days, which must be a record for the monument's 141-year history.

The Rock's new message comes during the final week of classes for spring semester. Like the one that preceded it, the new message also is inspiring: "Congratulations graduates. Be a hero to someone."