The Detroit Lions suffered another heartwrenching loss during Week 7 of the NFL season after a business trip to Los Angeles.

The Lions/Rams game was emotionally changed as it was the first meeting between the two teams that traded starting quarterbacks during the off-season.

The Lions, coming into the game winless at 0-6 had some, as football announcers like to say, trickeration and gadgetry.

During the first quarter, the Lions pulled off not only an onside kick but a fake punt as well. A second fake punt was pulled off successfully in the 3rd quarter.

The moves, usually reserved for later in the game, came as a surprise to both the Rams, the fans and the announcing crew.

But there were some people on the field who did know, the officials.

The always fascinating (if you dig the minutia of officiating) FootballZebras Facebook page dug into the jaw-droppers stating something most fans likely don't know,

Usually, a team will alert the officials of potential gadget plays in their pregame meetings. The idea is to catch the opponent off guard, but not the officials. Additionally, an official can discuss any potential rules issues with the coach at that time.

If you missed any of these plays, check them out.

Detroit Lions vs LA Rams 1st Quarter Onside Kick

Detroit Lions vs LA Rams 1st Quarter Fake Punt

Detroit Lions vs LA Rams 2nd Fake Punt of the Game

And, Lions fans, it's tough to see how you keep going. Your team hit three amazing trick plays and executed each of them successfully and still went down in defeat. The team sits at 0-7.

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