The great Kobe Bryant has now told the world that he will officially retire at the end of this season.

Bryant will go down as one of the all-time greats ever in the NBA. He was originally drafted by the Charlotte Hornets out of high school. He attended Lower Marion High School outside of Philadelphia. He is a second generation NBA player. His dad was Jellybean Bryant. Kobe was named after Kobe beef, which is the best beef in the world. He grew up in Italy most of his life and is fluent in many languages.

Kobe Bryant was drafted by Charlotte, then traded on draft day to the Los Angeles Lakers. He was traded for Vlade Divac. Kobe never looked back. Then, Shaq O'Neil came into his life. They co-existed and won NBA World Titles. But their friendship was very volatile. Bryant has a reputation of being in love with himself and so did Shaq. One player thought they were the best on the team.

This was a very bad situation, where both players almost came to blows many times. During that time period, Kobe was accused of rape in Eagle, Colorado. He spent over $20 million in legal fees and plane rides from California to Colorado.

I didn't tell you about all of Kobe Bryant's statistics, because if you know basketball you already know he will go down as one of the all-time greats.