One of the newest members of the College Football Hall of Fame is Kirk Gibson. Kirk Gibson is from Waterford where he was outstanding athlete. He then came to Michigan State University to play for the Spartans football team. He was an outstanding wide receiver, he then parlayed that athleticism on to the baseball diamond. After his football career was done at MSU he was drafted by the Detroit Tigers. That's where he really made his name.

My point is Kirk Gibson was universally known as a major league player and not a football player to novice sports fans. Kirk Gibson probably will be known for his super clutch performances in World Series play. Gibson hit two clutch home runs in two different World Series. The first was in 1984 and I saw it in person. The Tigers beat the San Diego Padres to win that World Series. Then, after Gibson left the Tigers he did the same thing when he played for the Los Angeles Dodgers. Both homers won those game and both were majestic.

Kirk Gibson now is being honored and has been elected into the College Football Hall of Fame. He will be inducted in 2017 with Peyton Manning and many great football people. I really believe if "Gibby" would have been just into football he would have played and starred in the NFL.

Detroit Tigers v Oakland Athletics
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