You can't take Kid Rock anywhere with beer being dumped

It was only a few weeks ago that Bob Ritchie, aka Kid Rock, made his first hole-in-one at the  Bear's Club, knocking one in from 175 yards on the par-3 second hole. The best part of that swing was that it was witnessed by golf legend Jack Nicklaus!

It was over the weekend that Kid Rock took part in the 'Bass Pro Shops Legends of Golf on the PGA Tour Champions', but this weekends swings were not as up to par as last weekends game.

Kid made a chip shot that not only went into the crowd but knocked a woman's beer right out her hand. No one was hurt, and it seems that no one cried over spilt beer.

The Golf Channel made a great observation...

There's a reason why the gallery is generally required to stand behind the ropes during tournaments. Standing this close to an amateur isn't exactly the brightest idea anyone has ever had.

But how can a crowd steer clear of the Detroit Cowboy? I just hope that Kid replaced the gals beer!


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