Kevin Durant has more 40-point games in the last two weeks than anyone else in the NBA has all season. He has been on fire. The Oklahoma City Thunder superstar has one thing on his mind: his first NBA title.

This franchise has needed an identity, and they have it with Durant. But as he says they need to get by LeBron James and the Miami Heat. Durant and his teammates know they can do this but it won't be easy.Oklahoma City is a fine team with playoff experience, but there are some teams in their conference who will be a roadblock.

Kevin Durant is one of just five players in NBA history to have 30-plus points and four assists in at least nine straight games. He's one of the best elite players in the NBA, but he needs to get a NBA Championship to validate everything.

The Thunder have the players, but do they have enough to get the crown? As I said, the Heat have a great team with James and Dwayne Wade. Kevin Durant can score a lot of points but individual stats do not win NBA crowns. The season is at the halfway point, let's see how the second half goes.