The head basketball coach of the Kentucky Wildcats is John Calipari. Coach Calipari is possibly the best coach in all of college hoops. The Wildcats are undefeated right now and have by far the best college hoops team in the country.

Calipari is a very polarizing figure in all of sports. When he was the head coach at U Mass he had a great player in Marcus Camby, who got the school in a lot of trouble. Calipari then jumped to the NBA. After that he bounced around and ended up in Memphis. He then coached the Memphis Tigers to the NCAA Championship game and lost. Also, there he and a player by the name of Derek Rose got Memphis into trouble. Rose plays with the Chicago Bulls where he is always hurt.

You are now starting to see a very gray and gloomy pattern wherever Calipari coaches. Now, for the past few years he has been in Lexington, Kentucky coaching the Kentucky Wildcats. He has one his only championship there. Also, many great high school players go there knowing they have a better chance to make it to the NBA.

Let's put it this way: John Calipari can flat out coach with the best of them. But his methods of recruiting will always be questionable...always.