This week was supposed to be opening week for the 2020 Kalamazoo Growlers season. As always there were many expectations about the upcoming year, and many fun events hosted at Homer Stryker Field that fans and staff alike were looking forward to attending. As of now, there are still hopes being held out that although delayed, the season will continue as planned as the Coronavirus situation starts to show signs of lessening.

Out of nowhere, the Kalamazoo Growlers have made a major announcement regarding their tea name. This year, the Growlers will temporarily re-name themselves the Kalamazoo Mac-Daddies. The team's new mascot is an angry looking cheese macaroni noodle with a fork. So friggin' cool. The team decided that with the success and popularity of last year's Mac & Cheese Festival, they would make the temporary change over Father's Day weekend.

According to their press release, it was originally going to be a 3 day promotion starting  with the 1st game on Father’s Day.  With the change in their season, the team is planning on following through with the promotion but instead of playing, will partner with local programs that that will support fathers in the community by providing tickets and experiences at Growlers baseball games and programming assistance in the offseason.

GM Brian Colopy finds the change perfect and feels the promotion goes hand-in-hand with Father's Day:

We saw this as a perfect marriage between dad and America’s favorite side dish. After realizing the overwhelming amount of love for mac & cheese after hosting the festival last year, we wanted to do something fun for our fans. We are thrilled to partner with Undeniably Dairy for this fun promo that will also support local fathers in our community.

You can purchase Kalamazoo Mac Daddies merch here. This is the first team in sports history to name themselves after mac & cheese. Way to go boys.

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