One thing you have to hand it to minor league teams is they promote really well, and they rarely miss an opportunity. That happened Monday morning as news was barely getting out that Kalamazoo's Derek Jeter was leaving the Miami Marlins organization.

Never one to miss a promotional opportunity, the Kalamazoo Growlers said think they can find a spot for the legendary Kalamazoo Hall of Famer.

Some of the most fun promotions come from minor league teams. The Kalamazoo Wings, and creative PR person Steve Doherty, were an early example of that with their colored ice games at Wings Stadium. More examples are all the goofy sweater nights that minor league hockey teams (and now baseball teams, too) have. Last season, the Erie Seawolves Double A baseball team did a reunion of the cast of "That Thing You Do" which was set in Erie, PA. And over the years numerous hockey teams have brought in the Hanson Brothers from the movie "Slap Shot" for an appearance. And the Growlers, of course, have "Coach Drake".

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As to what caused the rift in Florida, ESPN's Buster Olney tweeted "At the time Derek Jeter joined the Marlins, the perception was that his ownership share would grow. But that never happened -- and by last spring, it was seen as a symptom of the growing divide between he and Marlins money man Bruce Sherman."

Instant speculation has Jeter joining his former team, the New York Yankees in some capacity. It's not easy being in your early 40's and finding yourself out of work.

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