I know, I know...almost all media outlets have SOMEone who is writing about ticks. I've seen many of the articles, with lots of info on what to do about them, what they look like, how to tell them apart, how to avoid them, how to kill 'em without being mean, how to send them to bed without their supper, etc, etc, ad nauseum.

So it doesn't really make any sense for me to write about ticks...all aspects of these little cretins have been covered.

Yeah, you could say I'm somewhat perturbed about these S.O.B.'s....why? Because for the first time in my whole life, I found one burrowed in my scalp. Not only is that embarrassing, but it made me SUPER-mad!

There are numerous places I could have picked this thing up: taking the garbage out, petting a dog, walking to the mailbox, walking down a paved trail, sitting on a porch seat, welcome mat.....who the heck knows where?

I was just sitting on my computer doing some work when I ran my fingers through what's left of my hair...then I felt a little protuberance. Dried blood? Did I hit my head during the night? So I reached back, grabbed it, and pulled it out, s-l-o-w-l-y so I wouldn't drop or lose it.

I sprinkled it on my desk and there it was.

This little pest, on it's back, squirming with a good hunk of my flesh in its jaws. Now I find myself constantly running my fingers across my scalp, looking for any others...what a drag to have to do this.

The news did say that ticks were gonna be bad this year, and man, are they ever. They were terrible last year, too. It was last summer when I found a creepy one. I was letting my dog in from outside when I noticed something above her nose, between her eyes. It looked like a huge skin tag that I thought maybe I had overlooked in the past. Needless to say, it was no skin tag – it was one big mother tick. It had gotten so big from sucking up my dog's body juice that it was the size of half a thumbnail.

Boy, that made me see red...and this year I saw even redder. Like a deep crimson.

So, all I'm gonna say is: be vigilant and watch where you step, especially through weeds and tall grass. I've spouted off enough here, but for tick info on how to get 'em out of your skin, click here.

...and just a brief bit more here.

Now, because I don't want to give these little creeps any more free publicity, check out the gallery below featuring ten 'ticks' that are somewhat more pleasant.


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