After a break that I ended up feeling was way too long, I finally returned to Michigan International Speedway last year to take in the June race. Or, the race that back in the day we always called The Big Race or The Father's Day Race.

Frankly, I had forgotten how much I missed about the track. Or maybe it was the times and the memories that were made at that palatial structure in my over two decades here in The Mitten. Memories of Banana Don and Stephanie McCoy hosting their pre-race show there for so many years and being joined by big stars like Evander Holyfield, Tom Izzo, Chris Young, Desmond Howard and more. Memories of the most important times like standing at those merchandise haulers and buying the 64 scale car for my kid that he wanted, and getting an ice cream bar for him because as we always used to say with a wink and a smile, "It really ain't a special event unless we have an ice cream bar..."


Now, the Big Race...The Father's Day not going to be happening.

According to the Michigan International Speedway website, the race weekend that was scheduled this year for June 5th through the 7th will now be postponed and will be rescheduled for a later date that has yet to be decided.

This of course is because of the Coronavirus pandemic. You can get more info from the MIS website here.


Hopefully the racing, and the memory making, will be back very soon. And with ice cream bars, too.

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