The Tampa Bay Lightning have a very unique story with their head coach Jon Cooper.

Coop started his career in Lansing, Michigan years ago. He was Lansing Catholic High School's coach, then he went to the Capital Centre Pride of Lansing. Jon Cooper was introduced to me by Joey Campbell, a former MSU player and analyst for MSU hockey.

Jon Cooper used to come on the Mad Dog Show years ago as a guest host and talked college and NHL hockey. We had become friends, he also was a practicing attorney with Jill Kopec. At the time he dated LPGA pro golfer Michelle McGann. Now, you have to remember this was at least 15 years ago.

So, as I remember he chased his dream to be an outstanding hockey coach. He goes into coaching minor league hockey for years and emerges as the Tampa Bay Lightning head coach. His boss is Hall of Fame player from the Red Wings Steve Yzerman. The whole story is really unbelievable. It's like a Horatio Alger Story, from rags to riches in the hockey world.

Now, years later I will be very smart to reconnect with Jon Cooper. This is where it will be a little difficult. But, in time I will have him on the Mad Dog Show again, walking down memory and future lane. His is a great story.