Johnny Manziel, the Cleveland Browns Quarterback, is at a crossroads.

A crossroads with his professional career and his private life too.

This guy has turned into a first-class jerk. I really thought he was an exciting player and deserved to win the Heisman Trophy in college.

But after that he turned into that first-class jerk. After he won the  coveted Heisman he was found to be linked to signing 44 artifacts for a sports memorabilia company. This is a definite violation of college athletics. So, after he was found to have done this, the NCAA suspended him for just one half. Manziel had to be laughing at such a weak punishment.

He then had a gesture trademarked: it was putting his fingers together acting like he was getting paid. This was looked at as very cocky move by Manziel. Many media people thought it was very brash and his ego became enormous. Bottom line, everyone was getting sick of this chump's act.

Then the NFL draft came around and he was drafted very high by the Cleveland Browns. With limited playing time, Manziel flat out stunk. Since last season he had to go to rehab because of too much partying. I only hope Johnny "Football" Manziel plays better, checks his ego at the door and controls his partying.