Well I am very happy that a fellow St. Gerard student was just elected to the MLB Hall of Fame.

John Smoltz today was elected to the Hall today. Former Players that are on the ballot have to get 75 percent of the vote from sportswriters and sports people across the country.

John Smoltz worked very hard to get in the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame. First of all, you need to be retired for at least five years. Smoltz, pitched for the Bo Sox, Cards and most of his stellar career with the Atlanta Braves. He prepped at St. Gerard, played high school at LCC and Waverly. He was drafted by the Detroit Tigers, then he was traded to the Atlanta Braves. This is a great story of a guy who was always team first.

Smoltz was a blood and guts pitcher. He began his career as a starter, then as a closer, back to the starter role. He won a Cy Young, a World Series, and many other multiple awards.This young man is a credit to pro-sports, never getting in any trouble, being a great representative of the game.