Well, Johnny Manziel has really screwed his life up. I can't believe how much of a complete screw up he is. I have to watch my language, because he is really a nut case. This guy came out of high school in Texas as a highly touted quarterback. Manziel, then received a scholarship to Texas A and M. That's when everything spiraled downward in his professional and personal life.

Johnny Football played great enough to win a Heisman Trophy. He then signed 44 artifacts with his likeness, for a company that sold them. This is an NCAA violation. He was suspended just a half of the Rice game the next season. Not even a slap of the hands. Again, that's when his life was starting to unravel.

Johnny Manziel, was drafted by the Cleveland Browns in the first round. He was never that good. But, he has concentrated more on partying, hitting his girlfriend and just being an all-around bad person. He was let go and cut by the Browns. I can't believe any NFL team would ever sign him to a contract. His career is on life support at best. This guy had it all and his life has turned into a tragedy. Hope he gets proper help, or he might not survive his ways.