The Los Angeles Rams need a new head coach, and according to one NFL writer, Jim Harbaugh is a possibility. Only that's all he ever is at this time, a possibility.

NFL Analyst and Insider for the Monday Morning Quarterback (MMQB) Albert Breer said on Colin Cowherd's radio show that Harbaugh going to the Rams was "a very real thing". Breer was ridiculed mercilessly on the internet (as the internet is wont to do) after making this comment.

So whether it was Breer or Cowherd who misspoke or assumed something that wasn't, it would appear that there is no news regarding a possible Harbaugh to LA move. What's more newsworthy is that Breer was already speculating replacements for someone who, at the time, had not yet been fired, and then turned out to be true.

While many Michigan fans believe Harbaugh's permanent home is in Ann Arbor, rumors of a return to the NFL have swirled around him since he stepped onto campus. Just last season six NFL teams needed head coaches and Harbaugh's name was mentioned in quite a few rumor mills throughout the internet. Expect more of the same this offseason if history repeats itself.

As it stands right now, it would appear that Harbaugh has not been swayed by the glitz and glam of LA, yet.