Jim Harbaugh is in the middle of a sleepover with a recruit. Yes, you read that right.

But that's not even the funniest part of this story.

While en route to visiting the recruit, Rockford kicker Quinn Nordin, Harbaugh encountered some creative trolling. It appears as though some of Nordin's neighbors of the Spartan persuasion caught wind of Harbaugh's planned visit and decided to welcome the Wolverines' head man to the neighborhood:

To Harbaugh's credit, he was a good sport about the ruse. Who knows how MSU coach Mark Dantonio would've reacted, but you can be sure Spartan fans would have taken the clever jab as a sign of disrespect.

It's all part of the rivalry, and it stands as proof that the Michigan State/Michigan feud is quite healthy.

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