A lot of people say Jim Harbaugh will do anything to land a recruit he has his eyes on, however a recent story reveals what he's willing to overlook to land a recruit.

Jake Allen, a 3-star recruit from Fort Lauderdale currently verbally committed to Florida, was asked by seccountry.com about his recruitment and what was the funniest story that happened on one of his trips.

His response:

“I was at a Michigan camp and talking with a couple other quarterbacks. We were all talking about our grades. I was messing around and said, ‘I got a C in third grade.’ Jim Harbaugh overheard and screams, ‘I don’t give a s–t about your grades.’ Then he realized I was part of the quarterback group that had recruits in it so he just kind of walked away. It was weird. I couldn’t wait to get out of there after that, and we left early.”

A head football coach of an academic institution that doesn't care about grades, reportedly.

A CBS Detroit article from Evan Jankens steps up to defend Harbaugh citing his twitter feed that expressed pride at his football team's cumulative 3.0 GPA earlier this month, including naming all the players who made over a 3.3 (roughly a B+ average).

It is possible that Harbaugh overheard the "third grade" bit and his comment addressed that, or it's possible he doesn't give a bleep about his kids grades, as long as they can get in on scholarship to play ball for him.

It's no sleepover or tree climbing escapade, but you have to admit it's vintage Jim Harbuagh on the recruiting trail.

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