Jim Abbott was born in Flint, Michigan and attended Flint Central High School. He was a marvelous athlete. He played quarterback for that high school and was also an awesome pitcher. He earned a baseball scholarship to the University of Michigan and played for the United States in the Olympics. One thing missing out of this story is that Jim Abbott was born without a right hand.

That’s right, Jim Abbott achieved all of this without having a right hand. Abbott was a southpaw and was drafted out of Michigan by the California Angels. Later in his career, he ended up in the Bronx playing for the New York Yankees. On this day (September 4th) in 1993, Jim Abbott, without a right hand, throws a no-hitter vs. the Cleveland Indians at the old Yankee Stadium. It was absolutely perfect. Kalamazoo native and captain Derek Jeter fielded the grounder at shortstop and threw out the runner for the last out of the game. So two Michiganders were involved with the last out of Abbott’s no-hitter.

Jim Abbott is an inspiration to everyone. I saw him play quarterback in high school. It was the playoffs at Sexton High School. He was unbelievable for a guy with both hands let alone one. Truly, he was pure greatness. Like I said, Jim Abbott was simply a gem.

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