Well look who makes the Sweet Sixteen again! No other then Tom Izzo's MSU Spartan Basketball team.

This year in college hoops, the season has been dominated by the Kentucky Wildcats. But in the Big Ten it has pretty much been a one horse race. The Wisconsin Badgers led by All-American Frank Kaminsky have been solid.

But last weekend MSU's head coach started to work his March Miracle Magic. His team all season long has been an enigma. Consistently missing free throws at crucial times. Losing a few games they should have won. It has been really frustrating for everyone.

Although, things have changed drastically in the last month. MSU almost won the Big Ten Tournament two weeks ago in Chicago. State had Wisconsin on the ropes, but couldn't close the deal, losing in overtime.

Everyone who follows MSU hoops knows that Coach Izzo is the master of turnaround time in preparing his team for games during March Madness. When the selection committee made their choices, MSU was given a seventh seed, somewhat a Rodney Dangerfield pick, meaning no respect.

All I can tell whoever is reading this is that Tom Izzo thrives on these circumstances. Meaning, yeah don't respect us and we will kick your brains in.

This Friday Night at 10:07 p.m. in Syracuse, Tom Izzo and MSU face the Sooners of Oklahoma and you cats better ready.