It happened again where a professional athlete is disgruntled and demands to be moved somewhere else. This time it’s NBA superstar player James Harden, formerly of the Houston Rockets.

Harden fell out of sorts with the Houston Rockets. This guy is just part of the group of million dollar athletes who feel entitled for their God-given talents. It is just absolutely sickening.

I look at this country even before this Pandemic, and there are families who can’t make payments and put food on the table for their kids and themselves. These million dollar prodigal cats are becoming polarizing and just unbelievable. They don’t care about the fans. They don’t even care about winning. They only care about themselves and their paychecks.

It’s a time for the very selfish ballplayer and that’s unfortunate. James Harden is great, but he’s a gunner and shoots too much. He hasn’t won anything since becoming a superstar player. Now he joins the Brooklyn Nets and that circus. With his friends Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. Again, two more selfish me players. They're both pure greatness, but this "all about me" act has worn thin with the world.

Now James Harden will join his friends because he demanded to be traded and they accommodated him. Houston got a lot of draft picks and a solid player for an aging pain in the backside named James Harden.

Bottom line, I’m sick and tired of these million dollar cats just thinking of themselves. You didn’t see “Magic” or Bird pulling these stunts where they put the franchise over a barrel. It’s not right! The Brooklyn Nets will win nothing!

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