I know I’m most likely going to catch flack for saying something about this but this has been a reoccurring thing that seems to happen over and over and over again and yet anytime anyone speaks up, it’s met was instant criticism, assumed political affiliation, deflection, and pushback. During a recent Detroit Tigers game, Los Angeles Angels batter Shohei Ohtani, a Japanese player, was up to bat, and color commentator Jack Morris used a racist stereotype that had been used against characterized Asians in the past, while describing an at-bat situation.

During the at-bat, Morris was asked what to do with Ohtani. He replied using the mock Asian accent, "Be very, very careful." He later came out and made somewhat of an apology to people he may have offended. Then, just like clockwork, America was quick to come to his aide in the comment section of just about every article you’ll see today. Just take this article as an example and scrolling through it absolutely astounds me just how many racist apologist will go out of their way to defend someone’s public racist comments and blame it on everyone else.

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First off it blows my mind that THAT is their reaction. Not disgust, not cringing from the uncomfortable and unnecessary comment, but to defend the comment. That basically says everything you need to know about them. But it also seems like every stupid thing you could think of to defend this guy is thrown on the table:

The best part is, it probably wasn't a mock Asian accent, but a play on Elmer Fudd's "be vewwy vewwy quiet".
No. Stop. That's not how he said. That's not how he meant it.
Someone else apparently misses the good ole' days when you could use other races, sexual orientation and religions as your personal punchline:
What a sad world we live in, everyone offended by every little thing!!!! Bring back the good old days!
Who were those days good for exactly?
Really ??? That’s offensive ??? Cmon people !!!! I didn’t feel like there was or he was trying to show any disrespect to anyone .
Yet another example that shows how America always has the finger on the pulse of what is and isn’t racist towards a racial group they don't belong to.
I really need to know, how is this anybody’s natural reaction to this? When I heard him make the comment it made me cringe. That should be everybody’s instinctive reaction. Not to defend not to blame cancel culture, not to try and act like he did something he didn’t, it should just make you cringe. Jack Morris isn't a comedian. If it’s any other reaction than that, After everything we’ve seen, I don’t think there’s really much anything here that’s going to change your mind.
The bottom line is this. Should he be fired for making that comment? That’s not up to me to decide. What I am saying is as a professional in my industry, there is no way we could make (or want to) a comment anywhere close to that and still keep our job. His voice reaches hundreds of thousands of people and not only was it unprofessional but dangerous and uncalled for. Fortunately for him, it's still the 1940's in comments sections everywhere.

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