Here we go again.

Now that the NBA regular season is over, head coaches are getting canned at will. And when there's a vacancy, the No. 1 name that always comes up is MSU's head coach Tom Izzo.

Izzo almost left years ago when the Atlanta Hawks came a-calling. Then a few years back the Cleveland Cavaliers got somewhat close, but again to no avail.

Tom Izzo is the sixth highest paid coach in all of college basketball. He also has a very intriguing team coming back next year in East Lansing. So why would he want the aggravation of an NBA head coaching gig?

He has won an NCAA championship in 2000. His goal is to get another one of those babies for MSU.

There are plenty of openings: The home-state Detroit Pistons, and even the Los Angeles Lakers are reportedly interested in Izzo.

But to me the most alluring NBA job that he could be offered would be in Minnesota. The Timberwolves GM is Izzo's close friend, former Pistons coach Flip Saunders. This is a little different from the Cavs and Pistons jobs, where the owners are MSU alums. Saunders is his friend, who I imagine he really trusts.

I believe sooner or later some NBA team will try to make him an offer he can't refuse--I call it the Vito Corleone effect--but any way you slice it, Coach Izzo wants to retire as the Spartans' head coach.