Finding the perfect place to raise a family is important.

While Grand Rapids was not featured on this list, 3 cities are considered the best cities to raise teenagers.

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Where Are The Best Cities for Raising Teens in Michigan?

Movoto shared their list of the best Michigan cities to raise a teenager.

"Michigan is more than the "Great Lakes" state full of beaches, green land and waterfalls, it is also a great place to raise teenagers. The Southeastern portion of Michigan, which includes Ann Arbor, Detroit and the state's capital of Lansing, are surrounded by delightful neighborhoods in which to raise teenagers. Some of the important things to consider when re-locating with teenagers in tow, are the educational system, athletics, activities and safety."

It seems like the east side of the state may be the only area that is good for raising teenagers.

Why is that?

Here are the 3 best cities to raise a teenager in the state of Michigan.



With Twelve Oaks Mall being located in Novi, Movoto claims there is no better place for teenagers. Teenagers are obsessed with shopping malls.

"Novi, Michigan's biggest attraction is the Twelve Oaks Mall. There is not a better option to keep teenagers occupied than shopping and socializing at an indoor, two-story mall. You will feel confident dropping off your teenagers or letting them drive to the mall to eat, shop and walk as they people watch in this suburban mall."

Besides the shopping mall, the high schools in Novi seem to be pretty good as well.

"During school hours, you can rest assured your teens are receiving a great education. Novi high school carries a 97 percent ranking with the Michigan government's list of school rankings."

The last reason for Novi being a great city for raising teenagers is the weather.

"The weather in Novi is perfect for year-round outdoor activities too. Your teens can ride bikes, downhill ski, run, walk or play sports. The competitiveness of Novi sports teams such as the Novi Jaguar soccer team is well-known throughout the area. Many athletes receive college scholarship from participating in community and travel sport programs. Novi also has an indoor sporting complex which is home to sports such as soccer, lacrosse and baseball. Your teenager can play his favorite activities year-round if desired. Novi is also a safe city with extremely low crime rates."

Do you agree?

Ann Arbor


The city of Ann Arbor makes sense as to why it is considered a great city to raise a teenager in Michigan. With the University of Michigan being in the city, it is perfect.

"Ann Arbor, Michigan is a wonderful town in which to raise teenagers. This college-town is home to the University of Michigan, so there are many cultural and educational activities available such as museums and movie theaters to unique shopping and dining. Encourage your child's education at one of the three Ann Arbor High Schools, the highest ranked at 93 percent. The diversity of the schools in Ann Arbor is also something to consider. Your child will be surrounded by other teens from various backgrounds and cultures. The learning that happens out of the classroom is just as important as during school, and to have a pallet such as the one in Ann Arbor cannot be beat. "

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According to Movoto, Ann Arbor's crime rate is low. I guess we will have to agree to disagree.

"The crime rate in Ann Arbor is low, so you can feel comfortable if your teenager is at home by herself before you return home from work. If you have found work in Ann Arbor, consider bringing your family here to be surrounded by other working families that are raising active teenagers. The help of a neighbor to carpool before your teenager can drive, is a big relief."

Do you think Ann Arbor is good?


Located right outside of Novi and a short drive to Ann Arbor is Brighton.

"Brighton, Michigan is a place to consider when you want an alternative to a larger city. Brighton has the best of city life, but with the added bonus of have a spacious, country feel. Located outside of Novi and a short distance from Ann Arbor and Lansing, Brighton is home to many parents who work in the larger cities. The community-focused atmosphere in Brighton will rope you in. The old-fashioned downtown has many updated shops for your teenagers to enjoy as they walk downtown after school to eat and spend time with friends."

Again, the school systems seem to be pretty good in Brighton, according to Movoto.

" Brighton High School carries a 91 percent ranking and is known for challenging its students while guiding them to graduation success. The athletic department at the school and in the community is superior to others in the area. Brighton teams are always featured in the local newspaper.  You are also near enough to private schools such as Catholic Central if you decide your teenager has specific education needs."

You can check out the full report.

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