It is officially getting way too cold in Michigan.

I am not physically ready. There are so many other things I would rather do than have to deal with another cold Michigan winter.

Below are all of the things that I and some of my friends would rather do than be in the Michigan cold.

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8 Crazy Things You Would Rather Do Than Be Cold In Michigan

1. I would rather be twerking on a yacht.

I think everyone would rather be partying on a yacht in some warm tropical location right now.


If not, just picture yourself in a warmer location than how it feels in Michigan.

2. I would rather deal with never-ending traffic on 131 than deal with cold and snow.

Bloomberg via Getty Images
Bloomberg via Getty Images

If you have ever driven on 131, you know how chaotic it can be. So, if someone is saying they would rather deal with traffic on that highway than be cold, you know it is something serious!

3. I would rather be in a long line at the DMV with only senior citizen workers than be in the Michigan cold.

When I saw this from one of my friends, I actually laughed out loud.

This scenario reminds me of the scene from the movie, 'Zootopia' with the sloth.


Imagine having to deal with this. Again, this situation is definitely not worse than a cold Michigan winter.

4. I would rather have bought a season pass to the Detroit Lions just for them to lose every single game than be in the Michigan cold.

Detroit Lions v Green Bay Packers
Getty Images

With how the Lions are playing this season, this is definitely not going to happen.

But IF it did happen, I would rather deal with the endless loss than the endless winter months!


5. I would rather hear the sounds of nails on a chalkboard than be in the Michigan cold.


If you have been in a classroom with a regular chalkboard, you will have this disgustingly annoying sound engrained in your brain.

This is definitely one of the worst sounds I have heard in my life. I would rather experience it than deal with the winter here.

6. I would rather drink Canada Dry ginger ale and never drink Vernors again than be in the Michigan cold.



This is something serious! I do not think I would see the day that a Michigander would utter these words.

7. I would rather take the S curve in the rain with endless cars on the highway over this cold weather.


While I do not think the S curve is that bad, I will have to agree that this is something that I would rather experience than the cold weather in Michigan.

I would definitely rather be annoyed.

8. I'd rather hear someone from Ohio talk about how great their home state is than be in this Michigan winter weather.

University of Michigan QB Tom Brady
Sports Illustrated/Getty Images

Let's be very honest. Who would actually say good things about Ohio? Just kidding 😂

However, if you hear someone from Michigan listening to someone say good things about Ohio, you need to help them immediately. They are clearly not well

What things would you rather do than be in the Michigan cold?

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