Michigan surely has its variety of Airbnb's across that state with a wide range of price points and experiences. Most places fall within the "normal" price range depending on location, but one Airbnb in Ann Arbor stands alone when it comes to cost.

As it's known, The Turret in Ann Arbor is considered the most expensive Airbnb in Michigan. A night a the centrally located Tribeca-styled rental will run you around $5000 per night. So what makes this Airbnb worthy of such a price tag? Let's take a look.

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For starters, the building itself is quite impressive and historic as well. Just a few doors down from the circa 1881 building located at the intersection of Washington Street and Fourth Avenue, is a placard commemorating the original site of the University of Michigan's first graduation held in 1845.

The loft itself gives off total Manhattan vibes with its Tribeca-inspired decor. Inside the 2500 square foot loft guests will find enough space for 6 visitors with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Sleeping space includes 2 en-suite bedrooms, with their whimsical names of “The Map Room,” and “The Master Puzzler",  with queen beds and an upstairs den off the deck with a fold-down queen bed.

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Much of the allure of this art-filled loft Airbnb comes from the open floorplan with 21 windows, 20-foot ceilings, and unique exposed brick.  Guests will love the private roof deck offers stunning panoramic views of the downtown Ann Arbor skyline. The decor is trending and sophisticated with a comfortable chic vibe making it inviting for small groups or even a dinner party.

You may be thinking, really it's $5000 a night? Well, actually with its 2-night minimum it's more like $10,000, and when all's said and done we're talking location here. It's the perfect place for gathering before, and after, a game at the Big House or for a special graduation from U of M. So grab a few friends and check it out!

Take a look inside The Turret below and judge for yourself...is it worth the hefty price tag?

Inside Michigan's Most Expensive Airbnb

Located inside a historic building in the heart of the city, The Turret in Ann Arbor is considered the most expensive Airbnb in Michigan with a rate of $5000 per night. The Tribeca-styled loft offers fantastic views, artistic decor, and 2500 square feet of space for guests. There's also a private rooftop deck to enjoy. Take a look inside.

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Take a look inside.



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