You couldn't escape being in a "Barbie World" leading up to the premiere of what is now the biggest movie in the country. Everyone was embracing Barbie and her life filled with fun and accomplishments, including the Michigan State Police, but not everyone was jumping on the bandwagon.

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The MSP made a social media post last week showing Barbie in the MSP uniform. It's no secret that Barbie has been showing young girls everywhere that they can be anything they want to be, just like Barbie. Barbie has taken on roles as a doctor, astronaut, veterinarian, chef, teacher, and even an Army medic to name just a few. The MSP posted that Barbie was ready to serve the state of Michigan with the hashtag #YouCanBeAnything.

Showcasing Barbie as a Michigan State Trooper seemed like a great way to engage in the rage that was sweeping the country, and a cool nod to women in law enforcement...or so they thought.

Lisa Marie Twitter
Lisa Marie Twitter

Almost as soon as the post went up, it came down. The MSP removed the post late Thursday, July 20th with a disclaimer. Even though the original Barbie post encouraged young women to join the MSP, some felt it was disrespectful to current female troopers. The MSP once again took to social media to address its decision to remove the original post saying,

“MSP’s social media team values the contributions of our female members and out of respect for them we have removed our previous post about Barbie".

Comments followed with a few agreeing with the post being removed to more questioning why.

"Maybe I'm missing something. The Michigan State Police are saying women have a place in Law Enforcement; is someone complaining and saying they don't?"


"It’s comforting to hear #WOMENS voices were heard. If female State Troopers found something negative in that post, then it should be removed."


"Hi! As a girl who grew up LOVING my Barbies, I thought the post was cute. It sent a message that you can still be a "girly girl" and a police officer at the same time! If anyone was offended, too bad. That's their problem."


"As a wife of a retired Michigan State Trooper I would be proud buy one of these and give to our granddaughter if they sold them."

The MSP has had no further comment on the issue since the post was removed.

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