Hey America! Now, you know what those of us living in the Great Lakes state have known the whole time...Michigan is seriously beautiful.

Michigan isn't just another pretty face—it's a full-on stunner! Imagine miles of sandy shores, towering forests, and epic cliffs that'll have your jaw-dropping. With spots like Sleeping Bear Dunes and Pictured Rocks, it's like Mother Nature went all out to show off her best work here.

Whether you're shredding slopes in winter, reeling in the big ones while fishing, or hiking through forests that feel straight out of a fairy tale, there's never a dull moment. And if road trips are your jam, the scenic drives here are next-level awesome. So it's no surprise to those of us who call Michigan home that it ranks high on the list of the Most Beautiful States in America.

Thrillist released a list ranking the states across America for their beauty. Admitting  "There was no right answer... until we decided there was", their team set out to rank each of the states across the nation on their majestic and picturesque beauty.

"To determine which state packs the most natural beauty into its borders, we assembled a crew of writers who, combined, have visited every state. Then, in true American spirit, we debated to the point of exhaustion. It was deserts vs. mountains. Lakes vs. forests. Salt Flats vs. Great Plains. Seashores vs. glaciers. Gorges vs. canyons. You get the picture", Thrillist said. 

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So how did Michigan rank? Well, if you ask us, we should be in the top spot, but the top 10 isn't too shabby. According to Thrillist, Michigan secured the #8 spot on the Most Beautiful States in the U.S. list. Here's what they had to say;

"Taken on their own, the Upper or Lower Peninsulas could have ranked in the upper tiers of this list. Combine them, and you’ve basically got two knockout states for the price of one—even if the Yoopers up north don’t want you to know."

They went on to describe everything we love about our state saying, "From the unspoiled forests of the UP to the sandy beaches of Lake Michigan to the craggy coast of Lake Huron, and the more than 11,000 inland lakes between, you could spend years exploring Michigan, and never reach the end of those good waters".

Of course, we could go on and on why we should have been the top pick, but apparently, California won them over a little bit more. You can take a look at the full rankings of the Most Beautiful States in America here.

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