Somewhat surprisingly, Flint, Big Rapids (Ferris State is there), Saginaw and Detroit are not the drunkest cities in Michigan.

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That title goes to a city near Michigan's southern border with Ohio.

What is the drunkest city in Michigan?

Sitting along the western shore of Lake Erie, is Monroe, MI. Surely, you've passed it while driving along I-75 wondering how many people actually live there. (As of 2021, the US Census shows 20,336 people live in Monroe Michigan's City Limits. 155,274 in the Monroe metropolitan area.)

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Fun Fact: La-Z-Boy furniture is headquartered in Monroe, MI since 1928

How was it determined Monroe, MI is the drunkest?

24/7 Tempo compiled all of the data to determine the drunkest city in each US state. They based their findings on the following:

  • Adults 18 and older who reported heavy drinking within a 30-day period across all cities in the country.
  • In the cities identified, each has over 22% binge drinking versus the US average of 19.79%

Notably, many of the heaviest drinkers are located in midwestern states with household incomes at or above $75,000.

Monroe's stats were higher according to the report:

  • More adults drink excessively: 23.51% (remember the US avg is 19.79%)
  • Alcohol-related fatal accidents: 42.59% -- Number seven out of 386 total. (US avg is 26.56)
  • Median household income: $65,512 (US median: $69,717)

In case you wondered, Michiganders drink about 23 gallons of alcohol per year according to MLive.

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Sure, you could make jokes about people getting bored during winter or being intense sports fans, but that's not the point. Those stats speak for themselves. Be careful, Monroe...and FFS, please take an Uber, Lyft or designate a sober driver.

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