Picture this: a sea of passionate fans draped in Honolulu blue and silver, chanting the iconic "ROAR!" as they gear up for an unforgettable game day experience. Welcome to the world of Detroit Lions tailgating, where win or lose the fan spirit is alive and kicking.

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With the football season about to begin, the Detroit Lions are slated to handle the first game of the regular season on September 8th against the defending Super Bowl champs the Kansas City Chiefs. For Lions fans, they'll have their eye on the first home game on September 17th when they can do what they do best, tailgate.

If you think it's all hype, think again. Detroit Lions fans are ranked as some of the best tailgaters in the NFL. When it comes to hardcore tailgating these die-hard fans turn the parking lots around Ford Field into a tailgate paradise that rivals any other in the NFL.

In a new study, NFL and NCAA fans were asked about their tailgating practice to find out which fanbases are the most hardcore and what the perfect tailgate is comprised of. Although it's been a while since the boys from Detroit have had a major winning season, their fans shined through.

Detroit Lions fans ranked #4 on the list of "The NFL Teams with the Most Hardcore Tailgates". According to the study, Lions fans made the list with a score of 78.30/100 and these stand-out traits just to name a few;

"The ideal Lions fan's tailgate lasts 1-2 hours and has 5-8 people. There are 3-4 drink options and 4-5 options for food."

If season ticket sales are any indication, they sold out for the first time in Ford Field history, this year should see Detroit Lions fans living up to their ranking on the illustrious list.

You can check out the full list of "The NFL Teams with the Most Hardcore Tailgates" here. 

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