Ever wondered what makes Michigan truly stand out? Well, for starters, it's famous for a whole bunch of things – and high up on that list are the countless lakes, unique islands, and a maze of rivers that wind their way through the heart of the state.

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Before we get to the state's longest river, let's take a look at some of the state's major rivers.

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How Many Rivers Are in Michigan?

Michigan is home to numerous rivers, and the exact number can depend on how one defines a "river" versus something a bit smaller like a creek or stream. There are well over 300 named rivers and streams in the state. Some of the major rivers in Michigan include:

  1. Grand River: The mother of all rivers.
  2. Muskegon River: Flows westward into Lake Michigan.
  3. Saginaw River: Drains into the Saginaw Bay.
  4. St. Joseph River: Flows westward into Lake Michigan.
  5. Au Sable River: Known for its scenic beauty and popular for canoeing and fishing.

What is the Longest River in Michigan?

The Grand River holds the title for the longest river in Michigan, running a total of 252 miles from its source to the mouth

The Grand River flows north from Jackson and hooks west toward Grand Rapids and into its eventual destination, Lake Michigan.


According to Wikipedia, The river was famous for its mile-long, 300-yard-wide, and 10-to-15-foot-tall rapids, for which the city of Grand Rapids was named. These rapids were submerged following the construction of numerous dams, starting in 1835.

Top Five Longest Rivers in Michigan

1. Grand River - 252 Miles
2. Muskegon River - 216 Miles
3. St. Joseph River - 206 Miles
4. Manistee River - 190 Miles
5. River Raisin - 139 Miles

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